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The Medical Concerns App was jointly developed by a speech language pathologist and physician who work regularly with brain injury, stroke, and other diagnoses that often result in communication difficulties. Through their combined experience, they recognized a need to support their fellow healthcare providers and their patients in communicating clearly regarding medical concerns. Research shows healthcare providers have a strong desire to communicate with these patients, but are frequently frustrated by the limitations of verbal communication and simple communication boards. Together they set off on a path to bridge this gap, and Communication Rescue Services was created.

We are a startup company coming together with one vision – to help people communicate with their healthcare providers, communication partners, and with anyone else regarding their medical concerns. This is our first app, but we have more in the works – stay tuned! The MedConcerns app is available now for purchase for iPad on the App store! The iPhone, Android, and tablet versions are nearing completion and will be available soon! We will continue adding features and options as we discover new ways to help patients, care partners, and healthcare providers!

 Hilary and Steve

Meet Our Team

Hilary Sample | Meet our Team | Communication Rescue

Hilary Sample MA, CCC-SLP

Speech language pathologist

Hilary Sample is a speech language pathologist and co-owner and co-founder of Communication Rescue Services, LLC. She has spent her career working primarily with stroke and brain injury populations in the inpatient rehabilitation hospital setting. She has a passion for education, serving as peer mentor and clinical fellow/student supervisor, developing staff competencies, presentations, and training, guest lecturing at the graduate level, and presenting at state and national conferences. In addition to her clinical work in IRH and her work with Communication Rescue Services, she also serves as adjunct professor at Cleveland State University.

Steven Richman | Meet our Team | Communication Rescue

Steven Leeds Richman, MA, MD


Dr. Steven Leeds Richman is a hospitalist physician and co-owner/co-founder of Communication Rescue Services, LLC. He is a board certified Family Physician working primarily in the inpatient rehabilitation hospital setting since 2006. With no formal training in communicating with patients with aphasia, he had always felt there were many barriers to providing these patients the same quality of care. In partnering with Hilary, the MedConcerns app was created to improve communication of medical concerns in patients with aphasia or other communication challenges. Dr. Richman has presented at state and national conferences on a variety of topics.

Responses from Beta Testers

What Our Beta Users Say

Before the Medical Concerns App

"It's frustrating most of the time. Both for them not being able to easily express themselves, and for me not being able to assist them"

"There are times of frustration due to inadequate or inaccurate message transmissions"

"I feel like it's a one-sided conversation. I have to guess what their concerns are and end up explaining a wide array of medical topics in hopes of touching on their concerns"

"Overall, there is always a communication gap."

I hope the app will help me gain more clarity in diagnosing or understanding medical concerns so they can be addressed more quickly.”

“I hope this app will do what it looks like it can - increase the speed with assessment, reduce frustration (on both sides), increase detail of assessment, and increase accuracy of assessment to improve their access to healthcare.

“I hope it will allow individuals with aphasia to communicate their wants and needs with a greater amount of ease and reduced frustration.”

After the Medical Concerns App

"The app was helpful in facilitating communication"

"With the app, it takes less time to confirm how they're feeling, and they appear less stressed, feel like they have support to communicate"

"As a healthcare provider without aphasia training, I used to leave the room questioning how much I missed. It seemed like there was nothing to say. Now I feel like I'm actually communicating with the patient. I find the interaction was much more satisfying and I feel like I can better help the patient."

"I like the icons. The app has a clean interface and is easy to use"

"I felt like the app let me finally give the patients the opportunity to express themselves again. They feel heard, and I feel the relief and joy at being able to support them. I always used communicate strategies, but I needed so many materials and had to come up with possible choices off the top of my head. Knowing this app was created by both a SLP and a doctor made me feel more confident about the choices presented, and doing all of this without so many materials made finding out what's wrong much more efficient."

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